F4U Corsair ARF & 3 Cylinder Radial Package
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F4U Corsair  &  saito


The intimidating bent-wing warrior!

Regarded by many as the most formidable of all WWII American fighters, the F4U Corsair was a versatile, carrier-capable aircraft that provided excellent air and ground support. When it came to aerial combat, the Corsair’s record was very impressive: for every Corsair lost in battle in the Pacific theatre, this agile warbird took down eleven enemy planes. You’ll enjoy equally winning performance with Top Flite’s F4U Corsair at the field — a model that combines Gold Edition engineering with easy ARF assembly!
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  • Built-up and sheeted wood construction, covered in flat-finish MonoKote®
  • Multi-section flaps are incorporated into the distinctive gull wing and are completely operational
  • Recessed gauges on the instrument panel add scale realism to the cockpit
  • The full cockpit interior includes seat and sides, plus a 3D instrument panel. Details include recessed gauges, rudder pedals and joy stick, as well as color graphics.
  • Pre-hinged ailerons and flaps reduce assembly time and effort; hidden rudder and elevator linkages enhance the plane’s scale appearance

The Saito™ FG-19R3 engine is designed specifically for scale and sport models. Above and beyond the advantages of a 4-stroke gas engine, this is the engine for those who like to run clean and efficient engines. Accompanied by Saito power and precision craftsmanship, distinguished look and sweet sound, this is the engine many of you have been waiting for. Design features include an updated intake plenum and a bronze-bushed master rod. This engine provides easy starts and reliable performance due to the 2S LiPo-compatible electronic ignition. The Saito gasoline carburetor features a rotating barrel specially made for 4-stroke engines, ensuring reliable fuel feed and outstanding performance at any attitude. Complete with flexible exhaust pipes, engine mount, and electronic ignition.

As an expert in reliable 4-stroke engines, Saito engineers spent years developing the best-built 4-stroke gas engine. The amazing sound of a Saito radial four-stroke engine creates a one-of-a-kind flying experience.


Bore: 0.88 in (22.4mm)
Displacement: 1.17 cu in (19.18cc)
Engine (Only) Weight: 33.5 oz (950g)
Ignition Weight: 6.9 oz (195g)
Muffler Type: Pipe
Oil Type & Content: 6.25% by volume, high-quality synthetic
Plug Type: 1/4-32 SP-1
Prop Range: 13×9–15×6
RPM Range: 1,800–10,000
Recommended Fuel: 15:1 Gasoline/Oil Mix
Stroke: 0.64 in (16.2mm)
Total Weight: 42.5 oz (1205g)
Type: 4-stroke Airplane


  The flat-finish MonoKote covering and decal set help this ARF stay true to the look of a combat-tested warbird. The fiberglass cowl, tail access panel and belly pan are painted to match.
Gold Edition ARF

Craftsmanship really shows up on the Corsair’s gull-shaped wing. The multi-section, operating flaps on the center section and outer wing panels are pre-hinged. The balsa sheeting on the center section is formed wet, curved and shaped on molds and then glued to the framework for a smooth, strong, scale appearance.
Mount an O.S.® 65AX ABL engine and you’ll enjoy outstanding 2-stroke power — or install a 4-stroke O.S. FS-95V engine for added muscle and scale-like sound.
The painted fiberglass cowl houses a dummy radial engine complete with pushrod detail. A machined aluminum prop hub is also included.
landing gear
Durable fixed landing gear is included. For the ultimate in scale realism equip your Corsair with Robart® pneumatic gear (sold separately), which retract flush inside the wing for scale-like looks and flight performance.
A detailed cockpit is included that features recessed gauges on the instrument panel that enhance the plane’s authenticity.
tail linkages
Hidden rudder and elevator linkages offer scale appearance not found on other Corsair models. The pushrods are also hidden, and are easily accessible underneath a fiberglass panel.


192263 Hitec Aurora 9X 9-Channel 2.4GHz Air Transmitter/Receiver Set or
SPMR9900 Spectrum DX9 Transmitter and
SPMAR9110 Spektrum 9 Channel PowerSafe Aircraft Receiver
HS-7950TH Hitec Premium High Voltage Digital Aircraft Servo (8) or
HS-645MG Hitec Ultra Torque Aircraft Servo or
SC-1268SG Savox High Voltage Digital Aircraft Servo (8) or
SC-1256TG Savox STD Aircraft Servo (6) and
SC-1258TG Savox STD Aircraft Servo (2)


ROBQ1815 Robart® 615 100° Rotating Main Retracts
ROBQ2302 Robart 188VR Standard Air Control Kit
ROBQ2395 Robart 190 Air Line Quick Disconnects
GPMQ4282 Great Planes® Wire Axle 2x3/16” (2)
GPMQ4308 Great Planes 3/16” Wheel Collars


Stock Number: TOPA0951
Wingspan: 62.5 in (1590 mm)
Wing Area: 699 in² (45.1 dm²)
Weight: 8.5-9.5 lb (3.85-4.3 kg)
Wing Loading: 28-31 oz/ft² (85-95 g/dm²)
Length: 50.5 in (1285 mm)
Requires: Radio with min. of 5 channels, 7 standard-sized servos (8 with optional retracts) See above for recommended products.