Glue Caddy
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The Glue Caddy is one of those ultra handy things to have in your workshop. Got all your glues spread around the place? Or maybe they are just sitting in an ice cream container? Do you hunt high and low for a particular bottle of glue before you head to Indoor, the park or your club?

Well the Glue Caddy is here to help. Not only will it look good on your bench or in your flight box, it stores a multitude of glues (more than most will need) and help keep your bench orgainised. I managed to fit in mine, 4 bottles of CA, 1 bottle of kicker, 1 bottle of debonder, 4 bottles of epoxy and 1 box of pro tips. And there was still plenty of room for other small bits like a knife and fabric pins etc.

But wait there is more. It not only stores your glue all in one place, it has a handle so you can pick it up and take it (full of glue) to the field or where ever else you are flying. But for me the best feature is the upside down epoxy bottle holders. Yup you heard me right, It has a place to hold your epoxy bottles upside down ready to use.

No more messy benches, no more running around looking for glue, no more squeesing bottles to death to get the epoxy to come out the nozel and all in a attractive easy to handle and carry package.

The Glue Caddy................. Get one today!

Glue and acessorys sold seperatly and not included.