HTS-SS BLUE 200 Amp Telemetry COMBO
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Our HTS-SS Blue sensor station system provides comprehensive telemetry information about your electric-powered aircraft and is compatible with the HTS-Volt, HTS-GPS, HTS-TEMP, HTS-ORPM, HTS-MRPM, HTS-C200 and HTS-C50 suite of sensors.

HTS-SS BLUE 200 Amp COMBO (Stock# 55848)
Includes 1 x HTS-SS Blue Sensor Station, 3 x HTS-Temp, 1 x HTS-C200 and 1 x HTS-Volt

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HTS-SS Blue Electric Sensor Station

Our compact sensor station collects data from each sensor of your electric powered aircraft sending it back to your transmitter via the Optima 7 or Optima 9 omni-directional receivers.


  • 4 Temperature Sensor Ports (HTS-TEMP)
  • 2 RPM Sensor Ports (HTS-RPM)
  • Current Sensor Port (for 50Aor  200A Sensor)
  • Voltage Sensor Port
  • GPS Port (HTS-GPS)

HTS-C200 200-Amp Current Sensor

This sensor measures current up to 200 amps and can only be used with the HTS-SS Blue Sensor Station.

  • Measurement range: 0 ~ 200A
  • Measurement Resolution: 1A
  • Wire length: 250mm
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HTS-Volt Voltage Sensor

This sensor measures voltage up to 100 volts and can only be used with the HTS-SS Blue Sensor Station.


  • Measurement range: 0 ~ 100v
  • Measurement Resolution: 0.1v
  • Wire length: 250mm
  HTS-TEMP Temperature Sensor

These wire sensors measure the temperature of the motor, battery, exhaust/air and/or speed control from -40 degrees to 392 degrees Fahrenheit.