Lite 4 TX/RX Set (Mode 2)
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Hitec are proud to introduce their new economic 4ch 2.4Ghz Radio system the Lite 4 with 6ch Minima 6S receiver. The Lite 4 radio and Minima 6S are the simple and economic choices for basic modeller. The Minima 6S receiver is mini sized single directional receiver with vertical slot for servos. This radio is the standard for all new Hitec/Multiplex RTF models. 

Please note the Lite 4 is only compatible with Minima 6S receiver but this receiver is compatible with all other Hitec 2.4Ghz transmitters. 

Lite 4 (4ch 2.4GHz AFHSS Built-in Radio)


- Servo Reversing on All 4 Channels & Mixing
- Mixing(ELEVON & V-TAIL)
- 2.4GHz binding button
- 4ch all trim
- Power on, binding, low Battery warning LED
- SIC & Trainer Jack(Slave only)

Minima 6S (6ch Single Directional Receiver)


- Low current consumption
- Suitable range for basic RTF model
- Hold mode
- Wide Operating Voltage: 3.7~8.4 Volt


- Dimensions : 31.7 x 20.8 x 10.9mm
- Weight : 6.5g