AR8000 8 Ch DSMX Receiver
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The Spektrum™ brand is committed to offering receivers to modelers in all categories within the hobby, and the AR8000 receiver is no exception to that commitment. The AR8000 receiver is packed with industry-leading features, including an incredibly fast input-to-output response with an 11-millisecond frame rate when used with capable transmitters, 2048 resolution for ultra-smooth servo travel and a compact footprint making it ideal for any application from extreme 3D to competition helicopter performance.


Key Features

  • 11 millisecond frame rate provides superior speed from stick input to servo output
  • 2048 resolution provides smooth transition from stick input to servo movement
  • Flight log and telemetry compatible

Product Specifications

Type:                            AR8000 DSMX® high-speed 8-channel receiver
# of Channels:              8
Modulation:                  DSM2®/DSMX®
Band:                            2.4GHz
Length:                         34.3mm
Width:                           32.3mm
Height:                          11.4mm
Weight:                         9.4 g
Voltage Range:            3.5–9.6V

This product is not intended for use by children under 14 years of age without direct adult supervision